ALBA CONDE was born as a women’s fashion label 30 years ago in Galicia (Spain). It dresses a modern woman who adapts the latest trends to her own style and uses fashion as a way to express her individuality, never forgetting that fashions fade, but style and elegance always prevail.


ALBA CONDE is an established label within the market, with a long history and a spirit of constant renewal. Our premises are quality, creativity and attention to detail ensuring that each item fulfils the needs of every client and matches what they are looking for. Our dedication and passion for design means that our collections adopt their own personality whilst reflecting the latest trends.


Every year, five collections are designed, four of them Prêt-á-Porter and one evening collection. In addition, ALBA CONDE, Confecciones Esquío, has the label AC By Alba Conde, a collection that includes the most modern and coolest trends.


We have over 10 shops of our own and franchises, we are present in over 400 multi brand points of sale in Spain and in over 200 in the rest of the world, in countries such as Russia, the USA, China, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Holland, Portugal, UK, and Ireland.


True to our principles of sustainability, responsible consumption and environmental awareness, ALBA CONDE continues its expansion and growth process carrying out almost all of the production of our collections in Spain.


ALBA CONDE is a safe bet. It has positioned itself and become consolidated as one of the best and most modern proposals in the textile sector. In the current market, focused on internationalisation and specialisation, Confecciones Esquío looks towards foreign markets by being present at fashion fairs such as Pure London, Who’s Next and CPM Moscow.

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 Confecciones Esquio, S.A. Calle Galileo Galilei, 2 bajo , 15008,  A Coruña, España. Telf: +34 (981) 25 75 30
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